Cross Country Wins Seahawk Invitational

Cross Country won the Seahawk invitational on Saturday, September 3rd.  There were 3 medalists (top 25) in the varsity race.  Harry Monroe, John Colucci, and John Travis.  In the B race, there were three medalists – David Giannini and 2 freshmen – Cullen Capuano and Gavin McElhennin.

“The Varsity squad finished in first, 8 points ahead of River Hill, which is currently ranked #2 in MD.  Monroe ran a speedy 15:43 (course was a bit short of a full 5000m) to finish 4th, but was only 5 seconds out of first.  Colucci (9th), Travis (16th), Jack Beckham (27th) and Will McCann (35th) were the other scorers.

In the Varsity B race, we had a very strong top three who lead the team to a 4th place finish, just a few points behind 2nd and 3rd.  Medalists were soph Giannini (4th in 17:01), freshmen Capuano (6th in 17:02) and McElehinnin (9th).  Andy Beckham and Daniel Potratsky were the other two scorers.
In the open race, senior Quinn Atichison finished 12th to lead the team to a 3rd place finish.
Full results, as well as photos and video, can be found here.  Subscription required to view most photos and video:” -Coach A

The next @GonzagaXC scheduled action is:

9-17 Adidas Challenge

Covenant Life Invitational

Cary, NC

Only top ~14-20 runners will go to Cary.  Everyone else will likely race at a meet in Gaithersburg, MD

In preparation, on September 6, the Eagles ran into 1500m Olympic Gold Medalist,  Matt Centrowitz:

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