After Strong Preseason, Gonzaga Football is Ready for 2016

The following text is an excerpt from the “Gonzaga Football – August 2016 Newsletter” from the desk of Coach T — visit the Gonzaga TD Club website to subscribe

The Eagles officially began preparation on August 3rd with a spirited practice on the Capitol!  The opening practice has become a Gonzaga Football tradition and it’s safe to say we are the only team in the world that kicks off their football experience at that particular location!

CAPITOL PRACTICE (2016) via @GonzagaTDC on IG

After a few days of practice in D.C., the team traveled to Mercersburg, Pennsylvania for a 5 night training camp.  This was an incredibly productive experience that began with the Kickoff Mass in St. Al’s inclusive of the players, coaches and families.  We would like to especially thank Father Gap LoBiondo for conducting such an inspirational service.

Kickoff Mass (2016)

Once in Pennsylvania, the team engaged in an array of activities geared towards strengthening our football culture.  Our objectives were to become mentally TOUGHER, come closer TOGETHER and forge an unyielding sense of TRUST.

It’s safe to say that our program accomplished the objectives above as they enthusiastically embraced the experience.  Healthy competition was at the forefront of our mission as receivers competed against the defensive backs, seniors competed against juniors, and offense competed against defense in many instances.  However the primary competition focused on small units of players and coaches captained by 8 members of the 2017 class.  The senior leaders included QB Sam Brown, WR Max Fisher, LB Mitchell Johns, OL Johnny Jordan, DL Roger Mellado, RB Tyree Randolph, DL Antoine Walker, and DB Joe Zuccari. The players and coaches competed in events requiring brawn such as the NEF Tug-o-War, rhythm such as the Eagle Idol Lip Sync, agility such as the Break-Drive Dodgeball and creativity such as the Eye Street Skits.

Here are all of the teams and a few other shots from Mercersburg:

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The competition was fierce and in the spirit of the Olympic Games in Rio, Team Jordan took home the bronze, Team Brown took silver and Team Zuccari took gold:

**** The Eagles’ season opener is Saturday, August 27 at 2pm on Buchanan Field vs McDonogh ****

vs mcdonogh

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