@GonzagaSoccer Camp 2016 = Big Success

Over the past 2 weeks Gonzaga soccer has hosted a summer camp here on Eye Street. Cars with freshly placed G’s on their back windshields pull into the circle to drop off many of the newest eagles, as well as future members of the Gonzaga family. Each day between 40 and 50 of these campers who will be rising to 5th through 9th grade make their way down to Buchanan field and get a peek into the Gonzaga soccer experience. Some old – some young, some experienced – some not: all campers take part in drills, contests, and competitive games each day. Counselors this year include current and former Gonzaga Soccer players. Recent graduates Julian Maalouf, Maddox Boshart, Tommy Keane, Christophe Gerlach, Patrick Sheehy, John Valcicak, and Kyle Heintz, as well as rising upperclassman Joey Peterson, Page Mackeigan, RJ Moore, Ryan Teuschl, Devin Stanton, Binh Ngo, and Fawzi Beidas have all returned this summer to help the next generation of Gonzaga soccer players and to continue the tradition.

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Campers start out with a group warm up led by Coach Kilroy before moving into specified stations run by counselors. These stations work to develop key skills such as dribbling, shooting, passing, and even fitness. Following stations, campers move into a fun all-camp drill. Before lunch, the campers wind down and compete for prizes with a camp contest that even the coaches and counselors join in on.

Following lunch and a quick, relaxing movie break, campers join their teams led by counselors and play in “league games.” The week of games and activities all builds to the final day. On this day, the Olympiad and the Camp Cup, the staple of Gonzaga Soccer camp, serve as the culmination of the skills and fun they’ve had throughout the week. The campers move through a circuit of contests, while the counselors mark the highest scores and best performances and then compete in a team tournament to determine a winner. As the last day comes to a close one team is crowned champions and awards are given to campers who have showed exemplary skill, sportsmanship, and improvement.


#HailGonzaga #EaglesFlyHigh #AMDG

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