ESPN Covers Jenkins Since Becoming A Legend

Britt has been more than a good sport about it all. He has been a supportive brother, happy for Jenkins’ success, comfortable (or is it brave?) enough to take Jenkins to Chapel Hill for that pickup game.

But he quite literally can’t escape that championship, not even in his own house.

Jenkins and Britt’s bedrooms are side by side.

Naturally, Britt’s is decked out in Carolina blue, complete with the Tar Heels’ ACC Championship and Final Four swag from this season.

And then there’s Jenkins’ digs next door.

“When you walk into my room, there’s a big flag that says, ‘Villanova National Champions,”’ Jenkins said. “I think Nate’s been in my room twice since we got home. He tries to limit his visits.”

Hey, there’s only so much a man can take.

The rest of the world might want to relive Kris Jenkins’ buzzer-beating fame.

That doesn’t mean his brother has to. 


Kris Jenkins’ life hasn’t slowed down since ‘The Shot’  via ESPN >>>

#HailGonzaga #EaglesFlyHigh #AMDG

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