Friendship at Heart of @GonzagaRugby Quartet

With the Boys HS Rugby National Championships coming this week, we take a look at four longtime players with two-time national single-school champions Gonzaga.

This is the journey of a special group of Gonzaga men. Seniors:  Joey Freeman, Patrick Sheehy, Bailey Ogilvie, and Patrick Hesse have been playing tackle rugby together since the seventh grade (Hesse joined in his sophomore year). Although the men have an extensive rugby touch background, they have over 21 years of combined tackle experience. They are also all second-generation players whose fathers all played at a high level. Not only are they starting at the top level Gonzaga team, but also the infamous Maryland Exiles Sevens team. >>> Read the complete article from Goff Rugby Report here >>>

The varsity purple Eagles practiced with a great group of alumni players on Monday.  The group included S LaPaille, M Cima, G Lopresti, G Furnary, J Iscaro, F Tuite, B Cima, J Whalen, J Powers, J Davis, R Garvis, and C Bohlander: rugby practice with alumni

Director Lee Kelly has always said, “Play for your teammates past, present and future” – and the Eagles will do that again this weekend as they go for an unprecedented third straight National Championship.  Here is the tournament bracket:  

rugby bracket 2016

All of the action will be streamed live online.  WATCH RIGHT HERE:




#HailGonzaga #EaglesFlyHigh #AMDG

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