@GonzagaRowing Wins Foley Cup

Foley Cup results against St. Albans: Gonzaga won the 1V8 and 1F8. St. Albans won the 2V8, V4 and 2F8. It was a perfect day for racing. Full results here via row2k.com:

High School/Scholastic: Foley Cup: Gonzaga vs. St. Albans
April 16, 2016; Anacostia River, Washington, DC

Submitted by Gonzaga Crew.Distance: appx. 1600m
Conditions: Perfect conditions. Slight cross tailwind for earlier races building into a moderate headwind for the Varsity 8. Flat water. Races run against outgoing tide. Floating starts.
Comments: *In the 1F8 race, St. Albans and Gonzaga were level at the 500 meter mark when St. Albans collected debris on its fin, severely impacting the crew’s performance for the final 1000 meters of the race. Thank you to the athletes, parents and referees for a great morning of racing.

Varsity 8:
Gonzaga 5:10.9
St. Albans 5:19.1
2nd Varsity 8:
St. Albans 5:00.6
Gonzaga 5:01.2
Gonzaga 3V 5:15.4
Varsity Four:
St. Albans 5:38.5
Gonzaga A 5:43.2
Gonzaga B 5:54.5
Gonzaga C 6:06.0
Frosh/Novice 8:
Gonzaga 5:25.2
St. Albans* 5:47.9

#HailGonzaga #EaglesFlyHigh #AMDG

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