@Gonzaga_Hockey1 Gives Back

Gonzaga Hockey wrapped up their 4th season of Gonzaga Study Buddies with their annual end of the season Study Buddies On Ice at Fort Dupont Ice Arena.  A special thank you  to this year’s Study Buddies Coordinator Mackie Wheeler and all of the graduating Seniors Jack Anastasi, and Jack Sanborn (and Brendan Boyle and Paul Weiss not pictured) for their tireless efforts and support of the program through their 4 years at Gonzaga. They have passed on their commitment and  enthusiasm for the program and the students to next year’s Gonzaga Study Buddy leaders. Thank you!

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Gonzaga Study Buddies is a weekly mentoring and tutoring programs held on Monday afternoons at Fort Dupont Ice Arena throughout the entire Gonzaga Hockey season. Players from all three of Gonzaga Hockey teams are invited to participate. Each week students from Cornerstone school spend time completing homework assignments, playing games, snacking together in fun and lighthearted environment.

Gonzaga players in group photo standing are Will Schuler, Will Rosen, Chase Vallese, Dominik Basse, Jack Sanborn, and sitting Jack Anastasi and Mackie Wheeler along with Ft Dupont and  Cornerstone staff and students. Thanks to all the Gonzaga players who have participated throughout the year, and to the Fort Dupont Staff and FDIA Board for hosting and supporting us in this amazing collaboration and of course to our Cornerstone buddies for bringing their energy and great spirit every week.

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