@GZbaseball Honors Coach Kozik #PitchersAndCatchers

“When I was a student at Gonzaga (proud member of the Class of 1972), this was always an important day for the late Mr. Kozik, my baseball coach. On the day major league pitchers and catchers reported for the first day of Spring Training, he would happily go up and down the halls of school, greeting everybody with a big smile, and saying ‘Pitchers and catchers, bub, pitchers and catchers!’ That’s one reason why today (2/19/15) is such a good day for an old baseball fan like me.” -Max Cacas ’72

Mr. Max Cacas passed away late last year.  We will take him up on his suggestion to honor Coach Kozik at the beginning of Baseball Season from now with an annual photo in the Carmody Center.

#HailGonzaga #EaglesFlyHigh #AMDG #PitchersAndCatchers

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VISIT http://www.Gonzaga.org/Baseball TO GET READY FOR THE SEASON

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