@GonzagaHoops Alum – Kris Jenkins ’13, Villanova are #1

AP Top 25 poll: Villanova is No. 1 for the first time in school history

By Matt Norlander | CBS Staff Writer
February 8, 2016 1:46 pm ET
It seems like history or something very notable is being introduce to the men’s Division I AP poll every week.

The latest release has the Villanova Wildcats atop the rankings, marking the first time in the history of the program this has happened. The team right on Nova’s heels, Maryland, also has never been No. 1. So if Maryland wins this week but Nova doesn’t, we’ll be right back here with a history-marking poll in seven days.

VU’s jump was made possible because of losses by Oklahoma and UNC on Saturday. The Sooners and Heels fell to unranked teams, marking the first time in a decade No. 1 and No. 2 fell on the same day to programs outside the top 25. Villanova took 32 out of 65 first-place votes. Maryland receieved 13. Iowa had 11 voters claim it to be No. 1. Oklahoma, despite losses in consecutive weeks, still received seven first-place votes, while Kansas and Virginia each received one vote for the top spot.

Villanova’s next game comes on Tuesday at DePaul. Maryland is home to Bowie State on Tuesday, but Bowie State is not a Division I school. The Terps’ next game in Big Ten play is on Saturday at home against Wisconsin.

Here’s the full poll:

1. Villanova (20-3)

2. Maryland (21-3)

3. Oklahoma (19-3)

4. Iowa (19-4)

5. Xavier (21-2)

6. Kansas (19-4)

7. Virginia (19-4)

8. Michigan State (20-4)

9. North Carolina (19-4)

10. West Virginia (19-4)

11. Oregon (20-4)

12. Miami (18-4)

13. Louisville (19-4)

14. Iowa State (17-6)

15. Texas A&M (18-5)

16. SMU (20-2)

17. Arizona (19-5)

18. Purdue (19-5)

19. Dayton (19-3)

20. Providence (18-6)

21. Baylor (17-6)

22. Kentucky (17-6)

23. USC (18-5)

24. Texas (16-7)

25. Wichita State (17-6)



Wildcats get it done!

“No. 6 Villanova has big 2nd half, tops St. John’s 68-53” –> http://raycomgroup.worldnow.com/story/31102062/no-6-villanova-has-big-2nd-half-tops-st-johns-68-53


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