@GonzagaRowing wins Jesuit Cup at Head of the Charles!

Youth 8+: 11th out of 85 crews, highest placing U.S scholastic crew in the field, winner of the Jesuit Challenge Cup as the highest placing Jesuit high school in the field.

Youth 4+: 26th out of 85 crews

Both boats earn automatic entries into next year’s race.

Great to see so many alumni competing and a special thank you to Phil Bates ’12 for the tour of the Harvard Boathouse.

Full results: https://www.regattacentral.com/regatta/results2/?job_id=4215

Head of the Charles Results:Youth 8+: 11th out of 85 crews, highest placing U.S scholastic crew in the field, winner…

Posted by Gonzaga College High School Crew on Sunday, October 18, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT From Coach Mandel POSTED ON 10/17:

“Gonzaga Crew is in Boston for the Head of the Charles Regatta. The team will race on Sunday in the Youth 4+ (9:28am, bow 31) and the Youth 8+ (10:29am, bow 8).

In addition, at least 19 alumni are competing over the weekend:

John Granville ’09, Men’s Alumni 8+, 12:32pm, St. Joe’s University (bow 18)
Joe Hanlon ’10, Men’s Alumni 8+, 12:32pm, Yale Alumni/Blue Cheese RC (bow 7)
Patrick Dent ’15, Men’s Club 8+, 2:04pm , MIT (bow 23)
Phil Bates ’12, Men’s Club 8+, 2:04pm, Harvard (bow 3)
Elliot Meade ’10, Men’s Club 8+, 2:04pm, Columbia Alumni/King’s Crown Rowing Association (bow 33)
Justin Richardson ’08, Men’s Master 4+, 2:36pm, Minneapolis RC (bow 9)
Johannes Schmidt ’09, Men’s Master 8+, 3:08pm, D.C. Strokes Rowing Club (bow 15)
Frank Vasquez ’14, Men’s College 4+, 3:54pm, UVA (bow 1)

Kenny Marrs ’15, Adaptive Inclusion 2x, 8:13am, Capital Rowing Club (bow 5)
Eric Gehrke ’03, Women’s Youth 8+ (Coach), 1:12pm, Nashville Rowing Club (bow 66)
Leo Toch ’14, Men’s Championship 4+, 2:10pm, Princeton (bow 9)
Will Nogay ’12, Men’s Championship 4+, 2:10pm, Purdue (bow 11)
Devin Flynn ’14, Men’s College 8+, 3:17pm, Williams (bow 7)
Keenan Moore ’14, Men’s College 8+, 3:17pm, Holy Cross (bow 29)
Chris Paul ’14, Men’s College 8+, 3:17pm, Holy Cross (bow 29)
Charlie Toch ’14, Men’s College 8+, 3:17pm, West Point (bow 15)
Chris Jaicks ’15, Men’s Lightweight 4+, 3:46pm, M.I.T. (bow 9)
Kevin McGowan ’13, Men’s Lightweight 4+, 3:46pm, Georgetown (bow 12)
Mark Roberts ’14, Men’s Lightweight 4+, 3:46pm, Penn (bow 6)
Jack Devlin ’09, Men’s Lightweight 8+, 4:06pm, Community Rowing CRI (bow 4)

Good luck to everyone. If we missed anyone, please post in comments. To stream the racing, visit http://www.hocr.org/the-regatta/live-webcast/

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